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Cycles de Hype

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Hype cycle of digital panopticism

History for the Hype cycle of digital panopticism

1)Fascinum was conceived by Christophe Bruno in October 2001, just after the Internet bubble burst and the 9-11 events. It is a hack of Yahoo news portal that shows a panoptic vision of the subjects of fascination of mankind, in real time.

2) In 2004, the marketing departement of the Benetton company produced a similar work which was eventually sold to Yahoo! On the historical point of view, 2004 corresponds to the emergence of Web 2.0. Whereas Fascinum is a Yahoo hack that "lives" on Yahoo as a parasite, the project by Benetton uses the RSS technology which is spreading at a fast rate and that allows a normalisation and stabilisation of the ecosystem of the Web..

3) In 2006, Fascinum received the ARCo New Media at the Madrid Contemporary Art Fair. Item 1/5 of the installation was acquired by the collection Arco-Beep/Datalogic. Note that this moment corresponds to the maximum of Hype for Web 2.0. The concept starts to migrate towards the contemporary art world.

4) In 2007 during French presidential elections, the concepts of Web 2.0 that had emerged in the past years (and that are already in the "through of disillusionment"), have been hijacked by the political world. For instance one could see the following image as the main visual on Ségolène Royal's website, showing a clear plagiarism of the project Fascinum.

5) 2009 : item 2/5 of Fascinum is acquired by collection Alain Servais, Brussels. Whereas it seems that the "plateau of productivity" is being reached, the borders between "contemporary art" and "new media" become more and more fuzzy!

Featured Artwork in the Hype cycle of digital panopticism


by Christophe Bruno (2001)

An Internet installation that shows the news pictures that are the most viewed (ranked from 1 to 10) on different national Yahoo portals, in real time. A panoptic vision of the topics of fascination of mankind: the viewer surfs on the infotainment wave and experiences the paradoxes of global thinking in a blink.

Un projet de Christophe Bruno et Samuel Tronçon | 2012 | Résurgences | Centre d'Art Contemporain D'Embrun | Propulsé par le framework aktone